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HTC Windows Phone 8 – Review

The New HTC Windows phone 8X – Review

The surge of Smartphones in the market is definitely causing all the manufacturers to run helter skelter. Everyone is trying to create the next best phone of the year and at this moment it is rather difficult to call one Smartphone the best. With the release of the iPhone 5, many people are beginning to switch their focus towards it. It is no lie that the iPhone 5 has definitely stolen the show from other devices, but I suppose it is safe to say, with HTC’s new Windows phone 8X, the iPhone 5 and whatsapp messenger won’t be on the throne for too long. The Windows phone 8X has been described by some as Windows’ super phone.

The design of this phone is so sleek and stylish it is hard not to fall in love with it. The phone is yet to be released but as the name suggests, it will be based on Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system. This is good new for people wanting WhatsApp for HTC Smartphones. This phone besides the Nokia Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 will be pioneering the Windows 8 operating system on Mobile devices. You can have a look at WhatsApp for Nokia Lumia here. Thi is is a great site for nokia users. The Nokia also uses Windows Phone as an operating system

The windows phone 8X doesn’t exactly have an appealing name and we guess many consumers will take to calling it HTC 8X as Windows Phone 8X is just too long. The beautiful blue and purple colour that has been added to this device makes it so much more appealing and definitely makes it stand out from most of the other smartphones that are available in either black or white and tend to come across as dull and boring. The conventional black colour will also be available as well as a striking, alluring neon yellow. There are rumours that a red version will also be available.

The phone is 10.6mm wide and is definitely more chunky than the iPhone 5 and even the Samsung SIII. The HTC Windows 8X phone, like most of the latest Smartphones has a micro sim tray and the back of the phone is so well-rounded that it fits perfectly and snugly into your hand.

The screen display of this device offers high definition resolution allowing for crisp and clear texts, images and also videos. The battery is 1800mAh and is sealed off so you don’t have access to it but we trust HTC will equip this device with an amazing battery life.

The device is also equipped with 16GB of internal memory and does not have a micro SD slot for memory expansion so your storage options are limited but then again, 16GB is a lot of memory space and even the worst hoarder will learn to let go of unnecessary files and folders. It might however be a little bit of a problem especially for those that are in love with collecting High Definition movies.

The rear camera on this device is 8 megapixels and full HD recording and the device also has a specified shutter button for the camera. This means sending videos using your WhatsApp for Windows Mobile becomes so much better than before.The camera has a LED flash as well. The front-facing camera of this device is 2.1 Megapixel and we think that is good enough for a front facing camera, however we wouldn’t recommend it for good quality pictures; the rear camera is definitely your best bet.

The Windows 8X phone is equipped with many connectivity options including Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS as well as the Near field communication technology that is fast gaining popularity.

At the moment, the HTC windows 8X phone cannot be judged or compared to other phones. if you want to know how to install WhatsApp Messenger on your Windows Mobile phone. Then check out our guide on installing whatsapp on a windows mobile device. Here is how to download WhatsApp for Windows Mobile. We have to await its release which is apparently scheduled for sometime in November but we can be sure this is another Smartphone that will blow us out of the water.