About WhatsApp Windows Mobile

About:  WhatsApp Messenger for Windows Mobile Phone

Switching from SMS to instant messaging is easy with WhatsApp using your Windows Mobile phone. You just need to make use of 3G or WiFi and you are set. Sending and receiving instant messages, audio notes, pictures, and video messages has never been easier.

The Usefulness of WhatsApp Messenger For Windows Mobile smartphones running Windows Phone 7 or above

It might be a good idea to highlight why you should seriously consider using WhatsApp for your Windows Mobile Phones:

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Why WhatsApp on Windows Mobile Phones

  • Ease of Messaging – If you want to send a million messages, you can. All at no cost
  • No Usernames or Pins – No need to bother using either PIN numbers or usernames as WhatsApp works with your phone number the same way SMS would
  • Group Conversations – Enjoy three way or four way conversations with your friend with the touch of a button
  • Favorites List – Your contacts will automatically be displayed under your Favorites list, making it easier to add them for instant messaging purposes
  • Saving Important Messages – Should you be offline, your Windows Mobile will simply retrieve any important messages through the WhatsApp application
  • Status – Using this feature can be useful in notifying your buddies that you are either at gym, in a meeting, or available for chat
  • Save on International Charges – Just like you do not need to pay to send an international e-mail, the same rule applies for your WhatsApp messages that get send internationally

Other Functions – Exchanging contacts, useful notification sounds, e-mail chat history, broadcast messaging services and MMS, location sharing, custom wallpaper, landscape mode, and more…

Every Windows Mobile user will be thoroughly impressed with WhatsApp as a direct messaging service putting you in touch with your friends or family with instant push notifications. It will feel as if you are working on your desktop when you use your WhatsApp Windows Mobile messaging app, that is how easy it is to use.