WhatsApp for Windows Mobile

WhatsApp for Windows Mobile : WhatsApp on Windows Mobile Phones Explained -This site will teach you how to install and use whatsapp on your Windows Mobile phone easy and quick. You will get  WhatsApp for Windows Mobile Free. You can download WhatsApp from this link.
Everyone isusing whatsapp on their mobile phone, but a few know u also can have it in use on microsoft windows phone smartphone.

We will help you step by step to download and install it on your phone. This guide we also cover  a topic on installing whatsapp onto your windows mobile device. That is covered in Step 2.

here are the Three steps exlained and what each one does.

WhatsApp for Windows Mobile 3 Step Guide

WhatsApp for Windows Mobile Devices

Step 1Download WhatsApp for Windows Mbile Devices

Step 2 - Installing WhatsApp on Windows Mobile Phones easily

Step 3Activating WhatsApp for Windows Mobile Phones

When you don’t have the ability to use whatsapp on your windows mobile phone, or just want it on your computer, this is the site you are looking for.


Operating System: Windows Phone 7.5

Not Supported: Windows Mobile (old windows phones)

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